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About Me

I have been teaching science here at Rockport-Fulton High School for 14 years. Before starting my career in teaching, I was a phlebotomist and an EKG tech at several hospitals. I attended Texas A&M Corpus Christi where I earned a bachelor's degree in Biology. I have four children - my oldest son is 21, twin girls are 20, and my youngest son is 17 and currently a senior at RFHS.
The #1 goal I have for my students is for them to enjoy learning health science. My wish is for them to develop a desire for learning about the scientific world through engaging labs and activities, as well as acquire the necessary professional skills they will need in the healthcare field. I feel it is important for students to recognize the relevance of science to society and themselves.
My Schedule (and google classroom codes):
1st period - Principles of Health Science       tgh2cgp
2nd period - Anatomy & Physiology               qjwsxgm
3rd period - Principles of Health Science       r57hqvx
4th period - Anatomy & Physiology                jvi6zq4
5th period - Conference
6th period - Dual Credit
7th period - Advisory
8th period - Principles of Health Science       vu4qkxq