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All About Me


     I am so grateful to be a part of Rockport Fulton's warm and caring community as one of the Assistant Principals at Rockport Fulton High School and DAEP since November 1,2021. I have taught for 21 years. 11 years in public schools and 10 years for Trinity Charter Schools, before coming to Rockport Fulton ISD. I have had the opportunity to teach a myriad of grade levels from 1st thru 12th and, for the last 9 years, I have had the unique opportunity to assist TCS Regional Principals in administrator roles in Texas as a Programs Administrator, Testing Coordinator, Reading/Dyslexia Specialist, Coach/Trainer, Master Teacher, Coordinator for Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum Implementation Specialist Admin, Curriculum Instructional Coordinator Admin and Intensive Accelerated Instruction Coordinator Admin. I am also certified in ESL and Special Education ECE thru 12th grades. 

     I was raised in San Antonio, Texas and in Montgomery, Alabama and attended several San Antonio public schools, Christian schools and graduated from Churchill High School. I have an AS in Social and Behavioral Sciences from San Antonio College, a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education from Southwest Texas State University and I am a certified Reading Specialist. I also have a M. Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from The University of Texas at Arlington. We have 4 children and 1 granddaughter. We are active members in church, Special Olympics and enjoy spending time with our family going camping, to the beach, lake, swimming, and cooking.

I am described as one who successfully creates safe, positive, restorative schools by modeling, training, coaching and incorporating PBIS and Restorative Practices with staff, students, families, and stakeholders. Integrating these practices creates a calm, trusting, safe, and orderly school atmosphere with improved student behavior, increased student and teacher well-being, and improved student and staff relationships which results in higher student performance and an increase in student achievement. My administrative training, over the last 9 years, has allowed me to have expertise in climate and culture set for excellence. My twenty years of teaching and coaching experience have been well-documented in raising reading and math scores in public and charter schools. I am a research-based, passionate, transformational, restorative, instructional leader that is data and results-driven. 

 I have worked hard at creating instructional teams that believe in our students, create purposeful relationships, build strong climates and cultures, and ensure that our schools provide a welcoming, nurturing, and academically rich environment where students can build on legitimate academic successes. Campus safety, security, and threat assessments have always been a priority as I worked and trained for ten years at level 6 lockdown facilities in Texas working closely with Bexar County and Comal County Sheriff’s office. This summer I attended The Texas School Safety Center training on key school safety initiatives and mandates and look forward to implementing these strategies.

            I believe my greatest strengths are examples of a transformational restorative leader. I build teams that focus on data-driven instruction, differentiated instruction techniques, continued improvement of instruction, coaching, assistance, support, student achievement, climate, humor and culture improvement. My teams are hyper-focused on professional development and instructional leaders who spend maximum time in the classrooms with teachers and students knowing where they are on an informal and formal diagnostic level. I am an active team member who effectively collaborates with all levels of staff members and establishes lifelong, quality relationships with students and their families. One of my strengths is to multi-task while simultaneously serving in administrative roles. I have strong collegial relationships with the teachers, staff, and regional principals. I have helped teachers design and implement differentiated lessons and assessments for at-risk students and have provided strong instructional coaching, leadership to promote student achievement through a climate and culture of data-driven instruction, differentiated lessons, compassion, acceptance, and understanding.

      I am highly trained in behavioral modification and de-escalation techniques not only with teachers, staff, students, and their parents/caregivers. This training creates an orderly, effective learning environment for those students that have not been able to grow socially/emotionally, and it is effective with coaching staff or teachers that are overwhelmed or complacent. I have had extensive training in connecting with staff and teachers to empower students to problem solve, make better choices, self-advocate, and recognize and consistently respond to problem behaviors and positive behaviors. I have trained teachers to help them regulate any learning environment, any disruptive student population, individual or group settings, to increase student success. The PBIS/Restorative training I do is used to improve behavior, and instructional practices, raise achievement scores and assist many teachers in presenting meaningful, engaging lessons.

I seek a school culture and educational program conducive to learning and development.  My goals are to promote positive behavior amongst the student body and campus staff, communication and collaboration amongst the faculty, teamwork and cooperation between students and staff, and an environment where students feel safe to learn while teachers feel safe to instruct.  This is done by maintaining an open dialog between everyone with a vested interest in the success of the students, the teachers, the school, and the district. Educating and empowering our students so that they can self-advocate and succeed in life is a passion and mission of mine. I am passionate and share my passion when helping teachers and students see their full potential and I have loved offering coaching tips and supporting other instructional leaders in each region in positive ways. I always look forward to talking about the needs of the students on campus and how I may offer help with my expertise, gifts, and talents.