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Career Exploration

  • Career Cruising
    • Career cruising offers career assessment, a college matcher, college research, career research, and financial aid information.  Each student in grades 6 through 12 has an account.  If you would like access to your account, please email the College and Career Coordinator.  
  • Texas Reality Check
    • This free website offers students the ability to see how much their ideal standard of living costs.  It also provides financial information about schools.  Click here to access the website.
  • Wayfinder
    • This is a great website to explore different majors.  Click here.
  • Texas Crews
    • This is a great website that lets you look at the likelihood of an industry experiencing growth.  Click here to check out this free website.
  • Tracer
    • Tracer provides data on different industries in Texas.  This will enable you to see what is coming up in industries.  Click here to access the free website.
  • Career One Stop
    • This is another great website that provides assessment and real world information.  Click here to access this free site.
  • Swap
    • This free websites allows students to research careers and clusters.  For example, if a student knows they want to go into agriculture but they don't know the specific career, this website can help.  Click here to access the site.
  • Texas Wages
    • This free website will allow students to educate themselves about the amount different careers in Texas pay.  Click here to access the site.
  • Auto Coder
    • This website is great for students who think something like, "I want a career in math."  By typing math into the search engine, many careers will come up to enable further research.  Click here for this free site.
  • Texas Labor Information
    • Click here for general data on the Texas workforce and labor markets.
    • Have you ever wondered how likely you will be to acquire a job in a certain area?  Access this free website to research here.
  • Workforce Solutions
    • Extensive resources for Texas-based job initiatives, careers and education.  Click Here
  • Texas Cares 
    • This is another free site where you can research careers, majors, and colleges.  Click here to access.
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